Better to be covered.

2014 marks 60 years. Weekes & Callaway is a privately held insurance , employee benefits and risk management firm. Since 1954, we serve the needs of Florida businesses and private clients, better.

We are Floridians, as much a part of the local community as the companies and individuals we represent.

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. -John F. Kennedy

Better is Our Policy

“The convenience is one of many great things about Weekes & Callaway. He comes to my home for our business. We do everything face-to-face. This is important as I am disabled and may not be able to get to him as often as I like.”


“We engaged Weekes & Callaway about three years ago. They've assisted in reshaping our benefits package, saving Bethesda over $2 million since that time. They provided us a benefits expert who works closely and consistently with our team to control benefits costs. Very pleased with their talent. They've managed to make us feel like a special client.”

Roger L. Kirk, FACHE
President & Chief Executive Officer
Bethesda Health, Inc.

“Also, they take great care with renewals. It’s not a rubber stamp. Year to year they know what has changed about my business, our industry and how changes and new options in the insurance industry impact our business.”

Doug Hutchinson, Meisner Electric, Inc.